Keywords are the building blocks of any SEO campaign. The best SEO services will tell you that out of the millions of words on your website, the keywords dictate the incoming traffic. Read on for a systematic approach to choosing the right keywords for your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research and Analysis has always been feared as an expensive exercise for a few words. The initial expenditure is an investment. The easiest keyword research involves asking your team to suggest the search phrases they would use, to employ the services or buy products from a website like yours. Even the Best SEO services use free tools like Google Keyword Planner that revert with reliable keywords on your input, along with the search volume data.

Focus on User intent

Knowing the user intent allows you to provide the customer with exactly what they want. The keywords that a user directs at a search engine indicates what they want to do.

E.g: If the user intends to purchase a computer, they might input a search phrase like Prices of computers with i7 configuration. The keyword price and i7 indicate that the customer is looking to buy the product.

If the user wants to gain knowledge on a product they type in a phrase like – Camera Specification of the Samsung M40 phone. This should direct them to a blog or a comparison page of the specifications of the phone and not a page where the product is pushed at them.

The keywords you need to use will need to change according to the user intent of your customers.

Creating a smooth Buyer Journey

Why does a customer need your service or product? What convinces them to pick you? The answer to these questions is in what Marketers call the Customer Journey. The different phases of this journey go from Identification to Deliberation to Decision making.

The Best SEO Services ensure the keywords address each of these stages. The customer must first identify that they need a product or service. This is done by using keywords that attract their attention to their pain points. The customer may not even be aware that they need your product. Use keywords that direct their attention to that need.

E.g: If you sell Office furniture, sentences like – Are you experiencing back pain at work? With the keywords – Backpain and work bring to light that the consumer is experiencing this.

Once you have helped them identify the problem, provide keywords that indicate that your work desk chairs are ergonomic, and reduce back pain. The Keywords Work Chair, Backpain allow them to deliberate that a change in chairs could help solve their issue.

Finally, provide compelling arguments with keywords that help them choose you over the competition. Sentences like – Buy now at attractive discounts. Best Quality office chairs with an extended warranty and 5000+ units sold etc, say your product is affordable, and reliable, helping them make informed choices.

Level the Competition

If you don’t want to miss out on important keywords, then you‘ll need a peek at what the competition is doing. First, test your keywords and find how many others are using it especially the ones in the top hits in Google Search. Then see what other keywords the companies that come first in the listings are using.

The top listings are likely the ones marked with Google Ads tags and the others have the Best SEO Services with heavily paid marketing strategies. Even if it is difficult to achieve the top spot, organic traffic can be pulled in by mimicking the keywords those sites use.

Long-Tail Keywords

Consumers tend to use colloquial language even in the search engine. If somebody is looking for a hardware store near them they don’t search with the keyword – hardware Store. They input the thought itself in words like – Hardware Store in Chennai, India. This is termed as a Long Tail Keyword which is a combination of 3-4 words. They attract relevant traffic, get more engagement, and get higher rankings.

SEO services in Chennai have come a long way in tapping the infinite potential of keywords. Open Designs, the Best SEO Services Company among them has been a forerunner in all things web development and SEO

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