Want a Marketing tool that costs next to nothing, but has a powerful reach to the targeted audience? If your answer is an enthusiastic Yes! Then the Best SEO Services Company will recommend that Email Marketing is what you must go for. Enabling Custom Made communication to each individual consumer, the top businesses are adopting this for 6 reasons that will convince you too.

Keeping up with the Times

Nearly everybody has an eMail Id. Hubspot Surveys indicate that 91% of consumers use Email. Emails are the easiest way to reach a large volume of customers without proving to be too annoying like texts can get. 73% of Businesses around the world employing the Best SEO services companies have adopted Email marketing as a viable form of communication. Be it offers or simply an enthusiastic reminder about your brand, emails are the way to do it.

Emails are Affordable

It is one of the most economic modes of mass communication, sometimes going so far as being free. Mail Chimp is one of the most prominent email service providers that allow you to send up to 12000 emails for free, every month. How can anyone not afford to utilise such services?

The cost of email marketing mostly lies with appointing personnel to draft the emails and the replies and addressing any concerns or queries. Otherwise, Email marketing does not even make a slight dent on your marketing budget.

Staying within the vision of Consumers

Emails can include much more information than you can in text messages. This will create an effective communication channel that keeps your customers informed about your products and services without overwhelming them.

A business with a good marketing strategy will already have customers that have signed up for notifications and newsletters. Occasional emails with updates on offers, products, services, and events will keep you within the sight of your customers.

Accessible on Mobile phones

The invention of Smart Phones has been a boon for Email Marketing. More than 85% of the world population has access to mobile phone technology and that comes with automated access to their Email account. Gone are the times when we had to get before a computer to check Emails, as 54% of all emails are in fact viewed on people’s phones. The Best SEO Services Companies use catchphrases like – This offer is just for you, or Never before prices on your favourite products on the Subject line, making customers want to open the mail, even as they view it on the lock screen notifications.

Allows you to reach the right Target

Customers experience three stages in their journey with a brand – Identification, Deliberation, and Decision. The leads from the Email Marketing can come from any of these 3 stages. With carefully constructed customer buying profiles, the best SEO Services Companies create custom made Email content for them.

E.g: If you sell Fitness bracelets, Mails to create Awareness would be about the benefit of having a good fitness routine with a casual mention of your product.

Mails to the customers in the deliberation stage should have details on how the Fitness bracelet helps monitor health and fitness and how many people are using it.

The final mails for converting the lead to a sale, i.e. The decision-making stage, should have attractive offers and USPs that encourage them to choose your brand.

Easily measurable metrics

The visible benefit of Email Marketing is that the metrics can be easily measured. Even the most basic Email Marketing tools allow you to run analytics on the impact of your Email campaign. Delivery rates, Click-through rates, Open rates, and any subscription changes can be tracked allowing you to estimate the value of the Email campaigns.

This helps analyse the value of the content you put across and set the most successful tone of communication. Do not flood the customers’ inboxes with too many emails, but give them quality content at defined time intervals, that actually invites more subscriptions.

Email Marketing is still largely unexplored and the potential value is enormous. Open Designs, a prominent Web Development Company in Chennai, also serves as a competent SEO Company. We have encouraged the use of Email Marketing strategies to our clients, helping even Small businesses grow beyond their intended reach.

Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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