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Lotte India Corporation is one of the pioneer chocolatiers in the country and the company is a highly respected player in the confectionery space. The company’s flagship brands such as Coffy Bite, Caramilk, Lacto King, Lotte Eclairs, BooProo and Spout gums are popular among children and adults alike.


Lotte India Corp Ltd.




Bootstrap, HTML 5


Chocolates and confectioneries caters to a primary target audience of children and their parents, but the business is not kiddie stuff – And the company website needed to imply as much!

Being one of the most well-known chocolate manufacturers of the nation, we needed the website to seamlessly melt the ‘sweet past’ (the legacy) with their present-day adaptability in delivering modern tastes and preferences.

Additionally, it was important for the site to look professional, not childish or whimsical. Plus it had to load optimally fast, navigate functionally, and be able to tell the Lotte Story through various touchpoints.

Goal Definition

After the mandatory coffee’s had been downed, the pencils sharpened and courtroom-ish drama’s between the various teams settled, we started by putting down all our challenges on a piece of paper.

As we moved successfully from one goal to the next, we realized by ‘process of elimination’ that there were a couple of touchpoints we needed to take care of pronto.

What we KNEW was that the new website HAD to inspire confidence and build trust among the current and future employees of the company. Past the goalpost of fun yet aspirational UI/UX website largely catering to children, young adults and health-conscious parents, the website needed to ‘SPEAK’ to potential candidates and current employees as well.

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The website was designed on the concept of “Grow with Lotte” as it represented the idea of growing together, be it children, employees or investors.

To that end, we harnessed the latest UI/UX technologies coupled with jazzy back-end technical features to help us to make the website as user-friendly, responsive and relevant as possible.

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