Consistency is key in social media. You need to be consistent for your audience to understand your product. You can rise in audience engagement and scope by being consistent in your brand. You need to be identifiable to gain popularity with your intended audience from the tone of voice used in communications to the aesthetics of your profiles.


To be consistent with the language used in social media posts, you first need to consider who you are referring to when you send those messages. Of starters, if you’re speaking to millennials, you’re not going to use the same language as if you were talking to those in the generation of baby boomers. Age, geographical location, age, interests, aspirations— each of these segment groups of people, and understanding which community you are talking to allow you to choose a tone of voice that your audience can understand.


Hold your posts at a reasonable size. It can be burdensome and aesthetically unattractive to post too long. The same refers to the use of articles of inappropriate hashtags. Hashtags are a fantastic way to jump into a trending subject discussion, but too many can be cluttered and counterproductive. The number of words in your caption is a good rule of thumb to be longer than the number of hashtags used in the same article.



Your profile must be visually appealing. Humans are visual creatures and are naturally attracted to aesthetically attractive stimuli. Make sure that a theme fits your profile. Have a digital colour scheme and use the same filter every time you edit images. In your photos and comments, it provides continuity and cohesion, which has a greater impact on customers. Similar strategies are used by Southwest Airlines on their social media. In particular, its Instagram maximizes its impact by providing a consistent, visually appealing template that continuously strengthens its brand, which every company should strive to do when it uses social media to advertise to customers.



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