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When dusk settles on the horizon and you’ve said your prayer, feed the body but don’t forget to nourish the soul.

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Ramzan isn’t simply 1 month of fasting – it is a 30-day opportunity to Right Every Wrong! Cleanse the mind of Evil, Erase thoughts of wrongdoings. Let love for mankind fill your heart and lead you to good deeds (action).
We all know Ramzan is a month of fasting, observed by Muslims brethren and sisters across the world. But that’s not all that this month is all about. Now, for one moment here, just pause and think about it, Ramzan is ONE WHOLE MONTH dedicated to perseverance through abstinence.

Then again, that’s one way of looking at it. However, the other and more exact way is perhaps the fact that Ramzan signifies not mere 30 days or 4 weeks of fasting but 720 hours and 43, 200 minutes of learning and living the tenets of Islam and most importantly, implementing the knowledge every single moment– 43, 200 minutes to be precise. And it is in these 43, 200 minutes that a followers’ Emaan is put to the test.

However, Emaan or belief is not the only thing that undergoes a litmus test, his willingness for introspection and undertaking a process of self-reformation for the better are some of the other key fundamentals that a follower must adhere to.

The real test of Emaan is not the followers’ endurance or his resolve of surviving without food or water, but the most important undertaking which he is ordained for – that of cleansing the mind and seeking ultimate guidance from the Holy Quran.

6 or less hours of rest- Different time zones around the world mean there are varying lengths of time between Fajr and Maghrib and again between Maghrib and Fajr. Believe it or not, the time duration between Fajr and Maghrib in some countries such as, say, Greenland can extend upto 21 hours. But to a true follower, the more arduous the fast, the more steely his resolve becomes and the closer he gets to the almighty at long last.

He knows your struggles and how much you can bear – The Almighty showers his forgiveness each time your hands are raised in prayer


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