The next time you pick up your phone and use the assistant to set your alarm, you might want to take a closer look at what more your virtual assistant can do. If you are an E-Commerce Development Company, then you might want to think about what the virtual assistant can do to connect you, and your end-user. E-Commerce has been around for quite some time now, but there is plenty of competition out there. The need of the hour is to offer the best user-friendly interface that encourages more people to use it.

Imagine the day where your End-users feel the craving for a burger and calls up your virtual assistant and ask to order one, or completing an errand with a simple – Buy Soap!. Sounds Star Trekky? No, It is our reality with Voice Commerce in it.  Voice Commerce is the use of Voice recognition technology to issue commands and interact with E-Commerce platforms, to purchase products and services online. 

Why use Voice Commerce?

Any E-Commerce development company would do well to catch on to this feature early on. When E-commerce was introduced, we were all hesitant to use it, as we were attached to the sentiment of actually experiencing the item. The convenience of it, soon caught on, with attractive offers and price comparisons that made it an alternative of choice. Similarly, with more and more people relying on hands-free technology, we turn to Voice commerce or vCommerce to get this done. This is also a fun and faster way to process our errands, at literally any time and, from anywhere.

Existing use of vCommerce

While companies like Amazon, Google and Apple have connected the Virtual assistants to their E-Commerce platform, there are hardly any other examples of Voice Commerce being used to facilitate shopping on other sites. Alexa takes the customer’s voice inputs and offers suggestions based on their purchase history or what’s been saved by them. If there is no history of similar purchases, then Alexa comes up with suggestions from Amazon Choices. A simple yes or No from the user will process the shopping. Any other platform has to be navigated manually. Thus there is high potential and innovative applications in vCommerce. You, as an E-Commerce development company can put it to good use, by offering it as a solution to your clients. 

Ecommerce Website Design, India

Indians are one of the largest consumers of technology in the world. In the rush to catch up to the west, we fill our space with smart appliances. It is an effort to automate our day, as we live our busy lives. An Ecommerce website designing company in India should take into account the end user’s need for a hands-free approach to running their errands. Facilitating this with voice recognition technology can help free up time for more important things on their schedule. 

Creating an engaging vCommerce Experience

The E-commerce Development Company needs to focus on improving the customer’s interactive experience with natural language processing. The way we ask something through voice command is grossly different, from the way we would scroll and click to find the relevant product. The AI interface needs to process the information fast to come up with results, while also isolating the user’s intent. In fact, each user has a different way of putting thoughts into speech. The system should be broad enough to pick up on personal cues. A robust AI tech, that responds well to speech commands, backed by a solid and vast data bank to mine the information from, makes for a hassle-free shopping spree. 

The vCommerce intrusion in India is still at its infancy but has a huge impact on the future of E-Commerce. The sooner one introduces advanced tech in their services, the more he reliability in the eyes of the users. Keep that in mind, when designing your next E-Commerce project and be a forerunner for the future. Check out other interesting titles on various aspects of the online world, and leave your feedback in the comments section.

Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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