Much like the demise of print media, business cards also have become an obsolete form of offering prospective customers your contact details. Instead, business websites have taken over this role and serve as the modern means of giving prospective customers the means with which to find your contact information and then approach you for further clarity on the products and services offered by your brand. If you are someone who still isn’t convinced that websites are the modern-day equivalent of business cards, then you might want to continue reading to find out all the reasons why they indeed are so.

A Better Way To Reach People

The scope of reaching people is limited when it comes to business cards owing to the fact that they are only useful to the people whom you hand them over to. Websites on the other hand can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the globe, at any time. And, with very limited space on a business card to add necessary information about the range of services and products that you offer, along with all the various points of contact, business cards are a far better alternative where you can have multiple web pages dedicated to explaining the perks and benefits of each of the services and products you have on offer, not to mention a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page (where you can place a form where prospective clients can fill in their names, requirements and contact details, or even choose to contact you by calling, emailing or whatsapping you). Another important factor to note is that information on a business card cannot be edited once it has been printed and handed out to someone, whereas details on a website can be tinkered with incessantly. Assuming that you were able to find a domain name which is the same as your brand name, all people will have to do to search for your business website is to add a ‘.com’ after your brand name on the address bar of an internet browser.

A Better Marketing Medium

Websites serve as excellent mediums for self-advertising whereas business cards have the scope for doing so. A website can be used to advertise and talk about any number of different products and services. Everything from discounts and sales, to rebates and offers on specific products and services, can be mentioned on a website. A well-designed website is bound to generate more sales and inbound traffic to your business and brand than a business card ever can.

The Sky Is The Limit

One massive advantage of a website is that you can get anyone from any country on the planet to check it out, without having to even talk to them or know about them. While business cards require you to make conversation and meet people directly in person so that you can hand them over, websites can help you draw customers to you without you having to get to know them or be acquainted. With the help of a well-planned SEO (search engine optimization) strategy as well as content, social media, and email marketing, you can sit back, and wait for customers to approach you. Using a website in such a capacity is all about strengthening your brand’s online presence, which is done by posting high-quality content that is insightful, and useful for customers, as well as embedded skillfully with service and product-related keywords and common search phrases, that assist search engines in ranking your website and the webpages therein highly.

Acquire Instant Feedback

Obtaining suggestions and guidance from customers on how you can go about refining your products and the areas in which your services can be improved, is crucial! As a business acquiring such feedback and acting on it is crucial to the growth and long-term success of your brand. This not only improves your brand value tremendously but also results in elevating your brand image by giving people the impression that your business takes its customers seriously and values their opinions. Websites make it possible for brands to collect this vital feedback by making it possible for the setting up of comments and product review sections below every individual product and service. Aside from this, the testimonial page and feedback forms also help tremendously in encouraging customers to offer their opinions on their shopping experiences. This is something that is entirely impossible with business cards. Customers wishing to offer their feedback, but only have a business card as a point of contact might refrain from doing so, as it is often easier to comment or offer a review than verbally relay feedback.

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