Despite the fact that operating a business and sustaining growth during a crisis situation such as the world is currently under, is not easy, digital marketing efforts especially SEO should not be halted, more so for small to medium scale businesses. This is because such brands stand to gain the most from sustained SEO of their websites and online presence in general, as well as also lose the most as a result of failing to do so! 

However tough it may be, brands should continue investing in their SEO plans, so that their businesses might profit through the lockdown period and beyond. Not only does this assist in maintaining a steadfast online presence, but it also helps in acquiring the image of being a credible brand that is well-equipped to face any crisis. It is important, however, not to misuse search engine optimization solely for the purposes of promoting a product or service, but to only focus on expanding your brand’s presence online. 

Listed below are the various ways in which sustained SEO efforts through the lockdown can benefit your brand greatly.

  • Refining All Content Online 

In a time when most people are indoors and spending their time online, it is important that any and all content available on your brand’s website be optimized in such a manner as to offer customers key solutions to answers they might be seeking during these times of crisis. Sustained SEO efforts through this period will help you refine every aspect of your website and keep the content crips, keyword-rich (offering easy visibility for search engines), and impactful. Another important factor involves putting out content that allows your business to constantly achieve high SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) scores, so that customers searching for keywords pertinent to the products and services you offer, may find your brand’s website ahead of other competitors’. 

  • Sustaining Organic Search Results 

A major part of search engine optimization is generating traffic through organic search results. While most brands look to cut back on their investments into digital marketing and SEO for their websites, your brand should look to take advantage of this situation by either carrying on your existing strategy, implementing one immediately (in case you haven’t already), or even better – ramp up your SEO game! This puts a plan into motion to get your brand to constantly rank higher and stay prepared to overtake its competitors when things do return to normal and the economy is revived. 

  • Improving Your Brand’s Online Presence

Brand awareness and high SERPs have a correlation that implies that through sustained SEO efforts during this lockdown period, every brand is in fact killing two birds with one stone. Although the value of this might not be recognized or become noticeable immediately, it will at some point or the other. SEO is a long-term strategy. It would be foolish to expect immediate results. Instead of implementing the strategy and sticking to it, while being patient knowing that you are sure to reap the rewards soon, is the best mindset to have. 

  • Benefit From Local SEO 

Strengthening your brand’s local SEO game by keeping your Google My Business page updated by making sure to include relevant solutions during this lockdown period, such as new work timings, new operations, services and products, customer service options, etc, all work towards polishing your local SEO. Brands can also post content containing links that point to their websites as well as necessary or hard-to-find products and services (during the lockdown), on their Google My Business pages, so that customers may gain awareness of these special offerings. 

  • Profit From New Customers & Possibilities

As mentioned previously, most people on the planet are currently indoors and as a direct consequence are also online. This means that people who don’t normally prefer online options for their favorite products and services have no other option, but to go online to seek out these products and services. Therefore, through sustained SEO for your brand’s website and its online presence, you might find that more people who would never have visited your website or solicited your services are now beginning to do so. 

This doesn’t only imply an increase in sales or traffic for the time being but also secures your business’s image as a go-to brand that these customers might even resort to after the lockdown ends, offering you a whole new segment of customers. 

Now that you have read all the above benefits about persisting with or immediately putting into place an SEO strategy for your brand, you should also be aware of the consequences of halting your existing SEO strategy or failing to implement one, if you haven’t already – these consequences can be dire, and something that your brand might never be able to recover from, leave alone take advantage of! The difference between your business overtaking its competitors, capturing its market segment, and becoming the go-to brand in your segment even after the situation returns to normal, and the economy returns to normal, can be reliant completely on your SEO strategy! 

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