The constantly changing and evolving landscape of social media marketing is often daunting for brands to keep up with. Although new social media platforms seem to crop up and go into oblivion at a rapid pace, one platform seems to be a constant – Facebook. With over two billion users Facebook is the perfect platform for a business to focus its efforts on. Devising and executing effective PPC ad campaigns on Facebook can seem like a daunting task for those who have tried it (and haven’t seen any success), as well as those who haven’t. 

As far as popularity among st audiences in the United States and most Western markets is concerned Facebook is on the top, second only to YouTube. It is almost twice as popular as the next best social media platform. 

Thus, it makes sense that a business begins focusing on a Facebook PPC Campaign to target a broader audience of users. Any business that intends on scaling up its operations, attracting more customers and generating higher revenues should contemplate targeting its audiences with PPC campaigns on Facebook. 

Albeit, the question as to how to plan and execute an effective Facebook PPC campaign still remains a hindrance for most businesses willing to do so. This article is intended to shed light on exactly how any business can go about optimizing its Facebook PPC campaign in order to achieve maximum growth and conversions.

  • Pay Attention To The Shares & Likes Of Your Facebook Ads

The shares and likes that a brand manages to garner on its Facebook posts and ads are an indication of acceptance. A good indication of a brand’s audiences liking its offerings is it manages to get a high number of shares and likes on its posts and ads. 

However, optimizing these shares and likes is essential to getting the most out of a Facebook ad campaign. When creating an ad campaign, one can ‘create new ads’ or ‘use an existing post’. 

A lot of brands fail to utilize or completely overlook the ‘use existing post’ option. Initiating a Facebook ad campaign is a good way to utilize a post that has a high number of likes and shares to gain more attention. Such ad campaigns have a greater effect on audiences than posts that do not have any likes or shares at all. 

Doing so serves as an indication to your target audience that your posts are already being liked by numerous like-minded people. This helps in creating some trustworthiness between the brand and its potential customers. 

  • Testing Out Different Ideas 

It is highly important for a brand to find out what sort of ads work best before setting about optimizing its ads on Facebook. This is because there is no point optimizing an ad that is guaranteed to have no effect on target audiences, endlessly. The best way for a brand to discover what sort of ads work the best for them is to carry out some testing. 

Although, it is important to keep in mind that is not necessary that everything has to be tested. All a brand has to do is to identify certain aspects of their ads that have the biggest influence on their target audiences and to accentuate these elements. 

In order to begin the testing process, a brand can begin testing out aspects of its ads such as – 

  1. their design, 
  2. their intentions, 
  3. the nature/quality of their copy (in particular the headlines), 
  4. their placement, 
  5. their uniqueness and novelty, 
  6. the bidding strategy employed, 
  7. the effectiveness of the CTAs

In order to test varying versions and ideas effectively, a brand can begin by assignment UTM parameters to their ads. These are tags that can be added to the end of the URL of an ad, in order to be able to track the effectiveness of each ad. 

Doing so will offer brands a clearer picture of the quality and quantity of traffic that each version of their ad is managing to acquire.  

  • Perfect Audience Targeting

Implementing an effective Facebook ad campaign is all about targeting the right audience. To do this a brand will have to know the exact demographic details of their target audience, including their place of residence, age group, gender, preference, etc. A brand cannot hope for its ads to be effective by targeting a broad demographic as genders tend to think differently from each other and also make purchases differently. 

Targeting a broader audience without ascertaining the exact demographic that is most likely to make purchases, can prove to be a complete waste of a brand’s time, efforts, and money. 

Analyzing the performance of ads based on their age-group and gender-specific performances is key to effectively zeroing in on a brand’s target audience. 

  • Utilize Influencers To Make Your Ads More Effective

One of the most efficient and utilized strategies that brands these days employ to make their ads more effective is reutilizing influencer-generated content. Influencers often create content that is more appropriate, valid and pertinent than what that of a brand’s own content. This is owing to the fact that brands often make their content completely sales oriented. The sort of content that influencers put out is what works the best in attracting audiences more effectively. 

Brands can utilize this sort of content that is created by influencers in their Facebook ads for them to have a greater and more profound impact on their target audiences. Doing this not only elevates engagement rates but also augments a brand’s followers. 

Instead of utilizing conventional images and illustrations, brands can begin making use of real and genuine images that are created by influencers. 

  • Taking Advantage Of Facebook Pixels To Reach Brand New Market Segments

A Facebook pixel code that can be put on a brand’s website can be placed on a brand’s website can help in tracking the number of conversions that arise out of Facebook ads. This helps brands in gaining an understanding of the audiences that are likely to want to purchase their products by analyzing the sort of people that are responding to their ads. This is an incredibly effective tool that brands can use to determine exactly who their target audiences are. 

  • Consider Whitelisting

Whitelisting is when a brand has complete control over the accounts of the social media accounts of the influencers that they are utilizing to run their ads for them. The earlier strategy mentioned in this article involved brands posting influencer-created content on their own accounts. This strategy involves running ads through the accounts of influencers. 

This can be an effective strategy for a brand’s Facebook ads to have a more positive influencer on its target audience. The reason such a strategy might work is owing to the fact that influencers often have bigger fan followings than brands and their followers place a higher level of trust on them than they do on brands. 

Not only is this a strategy that serves in generating more conversions and eyeballs, but such a strategy can also help brands in determining the performance that such content has through an influencer’s account. 

  • Picking The Most Appropriate Bidding Option

Facebook picks the most suitable ads via auctions, on the basis of bids and the performance of these ads. This implies that brands need to select the most appropriate bidding option in order for their ads to be considered by Facebook. Over time, Facebook’s bidding model has undergone numerous changes and has become increasingly complex. 

What brands need to do is figure out the sort of outcomes that they would like to optimize their ads based on. Every ad campaign comes with numerous options to choose from.

For instance, if a brand is running a campaign solely for the purposes of gaining conversions, they can choose views of landing pages, clicks on links, and the number of conversions as their criteria for optimizing their ads. 

However, if a brand intends on a short-term ad campaign on a budget, then it is best that it settles for conversions as the sole criteria that they would prefer to optimize their ads based on. Similarly, if its intent is to draw more visitors to their blog page, then the brand might want to pick ad engagement as their preferred criteria.

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