Any business would enjoy a low-expense showroom that is open to its customers all throughout the day and week. Having a website is akin to having such a showroom. These days, getting a website has become pretty cheap. It is a cost-efficient way to acquire a reliable and effective marketing tool. Listed below are eight benefits that a website offers a business no matter how small it is. 

  • It Signifies That You Care About Your Customers

Every business that has a website is doing so because of its customers. It wants its customer-base to know exactly what they’re about, the values they follow and the services they offer. A website allows customers of a business to get in touch with it, buy products, find out about sales/discounts at any point of the day, not just during the day. It is a fully operational representative of the business that functions 24×7. 

Having a website makes it easier for the customers of a business to approach, engage and interact with it, without having to go to a brick and mortar store, call up a sales rep, speak to customer service, etc. All a customer has to do is to look up the website of the business. This where the importance of website design comes into play. When a business first designs their website they will have to ensure that customers are able to get answers to any and everything they want from the website itself. 

  • A Bearer Of Information

A website can be thought of as a full-time representative of a business, that never ceases to function (except in the case of downtimes, maintenance or malfunctioning). A website that offers customers of a business detailed product information, features, product comparisons, usage tutorials, etc, comprehensively serves its customers. This is especially important in this digital age when most consumers across the globe are making their purchasing decisions online. The majority of these consumers have already made up their minds about purchasing what they require from a website.

They don’t have to be sold on why they should be purchasing online. They only have to be sold on why they should not resort to a competitor’s website. Therefore, in this highly competitive eCommerce landscape, it isn’t only important to have an online presence but also be able to entice and allure customers.

  • Establish Trust 

While trust was something that could be overlooked in the digital landscape a decade or so ago, today, it has become imperative for a website to establish a level of trust between itself and its customer base. 

However, for numerous industries having a website in itself is a sign of trust. In certain circumstances, a business that does not have a website can be thought of as a business that is not willing to put itself and its reputation on the line. This is because when a business creates a website it is opening itself up to criticisms and harsh reviews from its customers online. A website that is willing to do so, in turn, proves that it is not afraid of harsh feedback and criticisms from its customers, because it is confident of the reliability, quality, and efficiency of its services as well as products. 

  • An Exceptionally Designed Website Serves As A Revenue Generator

In the age of eCommerce, there are hundreds if not thousands of websites that offer the same products. But the thing that separates the less successful ones from those that are successful is a pleasant, user-friendly, and highly functional website design. Although they offer the same products, a consumer is bound to prefer the website that offers him/her the most convenience in terms of – 

  • ease of use, navigation, and product discovery, 
  • maximum security of personal data and info, 
  • interactive features, 
  • instant customer service, etc. 

A business that makes sure to put this effort and care into designing its website proves to its customers that it values them. Businesses that recognize the importance of website design are bound to reap rich dividends. Consumers are naturally inclined to place their trust on such a website and return time and again to make purchases. 

Maintaining and managing an eCommerce website however, comes with its own set of problems and headaches. Nevertheless, considering the unparalleled growth of eCommerce websites, a business (however small it is) can rest assured that it is bound to witness growth as long as its products are unique and of high-quality, and its website offers tons of features. 

A business that has a decent website, with adequate products and offerings can be guaranteed to garner sales pretty much 24×7, as opposed to one that does not have a website. Such businesses will have to depend solely on sales reps to generate revenue for them. 

  • A Great Way To Secure Repeat Customers

Having a website is a great way for a business to generate repeat customers. This is owing to the fact that the website can be easily updated as and when new products and services are released. All a customer who would like to know what a business has been up to and what its latest offerings are since their last purchase can do so easily by simply checking out the website. 

However, to do this it is crucial for businesses that already have websites to regularly update them with new information and content, in order to constantly stay a step ahead of their competitors. All it takes for a business to retain customers and keep them coming back is to keep them excited continually and keep alluring them with new offerings. To do this the extreme importance of website design has to be realized and taken seriously.

  • It Serves As A Portfolio & Proof Of A Business’s Extraordinary Work In The Past

Not only do websites serve in informing customers about what a business is currently up to and has in the pipeline, but also of its achievements in the past. Any services based business can use its website as a portfolio to showcase all the great work that it has done for its clients in the past. An eCommerce website that deals exclusively with products can utilize its website to display testimonials/feedback from all of its customers who have loved its products.

Websites serve as concrete proof of the great work and quality of services that a business has been recognized for, by its clients in the past and present. This serves in establishing trustworthiness between it and customers who might approach it in the future. 

  • Makes It Possible For Businesses To Employ SEO Strategies To Boost Their Online Presence And Fuel Growth

Having a website also allows a business to take advantage of the SEO landscape, by devising and executing appropriate SEO strategies. When planned and executed in the right manner, a business can get ahead of its competitors by ensuring its prominent online presence and high SERP ranking. 

Devising an SEO strategy involves having a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of creating content, link building, marketing via social media platforms, keyword usage, etc. A business can easily edge out its competitors by hiring an SEO agency that is well-versed with planning and putting into place customized SEO strategies/tactics. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that taking advantage of SEO implies doing things in the right manner. This is because executing what are known as “black hat SEO strategies” can have drastic adverse effects on a business’s revenue and online reputation. 

  • Makes It Possible To Keep In Touch With Customers 24×7

If there is one thing that should convince a business about getting a website it is the fact that doing so will help them stay in touch with customers pretty much 24×7. Staying in constant touch with customers is paramount to the growth and increase in revenues for any business. Less successful businesses strive to get consumers to pay attention to them let alone stay in touch with them. 

For a business to have a window for its customers to get in touch with them at any point of the day and at any time of the week is a blessing. This helps a business in offering its customers a certain degree of convenience to its customers which is what customers seek the most in brands that they wish to shop from.  

Having a contact form, a 24/7 chat facility, or a comprehensive FAQ section that offers easy-to-understand solutions to common questions and queries, are all made possible by websites. Realizing the importance of website design will help any business nail its ability to keep its customers engaged constantly. 

At Open Designs India, we are a well-recognized web design company (among other things) renowned for our ability to craft and design stunning websites. We understand the importance of website to the success of a business, that is why all the websites that we design are completely customized as per the specific industry and niche that a company is involved in.

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Shrikrishna Tangatur

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