I don’t know about you, but I feel like a white, freshly opened word document stares and dares me on days when I simply don’t know how and where to begin with a blog.

 Should I go for humour or get into the facts headlong? Have I ‘’lined up all the ducks’’ or is the ‘’hook’’ lost in a labyrinth of gibberish? Is the content engaging enough, will it live up to everyone’s expectations and get the required eyeballs?

Well, if you’re still reading this, it means I am not the only wrestling with this dilemma, right?  

 Hard-Sell but be Sincere. Be Persuasive but not Prosaic

 Figuring out how to compose a well-written blog can be baffling. It has to be eye-catching but must not be so factual as to turn someone away. It must include the highlights and advantages of the product you’re selling but the sentence structure rules and accentuation shouldn’t be forgotten. The grammar must be spot on, and the CTA’s need to be interspersed & well-timed. 

 Phew! The list is exhaustive…

Adhering to the guidelines bleeds the vitality out of your creativity and drains you out. 

 But writing persuasive copy shouldn’t be such a tiring and convoluted procedure – It takes the fun out of writing.  

 It can be fun and interesting – If you want it to be!

 Writing for the love of writing

Below, I’ve put together a few fall-back pro tips that will guide you through the art of writing persuasive copy that is fun, interesting to read and nourishing for you as a writer. 

 Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

Doing away with the sloppy sales expressions 

When you’re tempted to write a phrase or an expression that sounds like a cheap sales pitch – Do this – Read each sentence to yourself & think of yourself as the reader (prospective customer) on the other side. 

 Would you be put off by the line?

If you find that the sales pitch sounds trustworthy and reliably shows how your customer’s lives will be improved by using the product/ service, consider your job done.

Alternately, run a purpose check. 

 A purpose check is quite simply an exercise where you ask yourself the ‘core meaning’ of the sentence.  

 If you can’t think of a particular answer promptly, remove or reword until your content sounds tangible and important enough for someone to read. 

For example-


Our top-rated gadgets enable sales executives to do more.


778,345 sales executives utilize our gadgets and they’ve got more done. 

Top-down v/s Bottom-up

 Expert writers don’t wrack their heads (and lose composure) over the beginning — They chalk out the Tail first, i.e. They write the nitty-gritty stuff first and build the Head, i.e. The rest of the body out of it. 


 Because by getting the end in place first, the basic question of ‘’WHY’’ you’re writing the copy in the gets answered: 

WHY am I writing this blog?

 WHAT is the reason for it? 

WHO is going to read and benefit from it?

 HOW should I word it so that readers may enjoy the article and purchase the product/ service I’m trying to sell?

 WHERE should the content be marketed so that the article gets its due attention? WHERE are the competitor’s blogging, tweeting and posting their content?

The motivation behind the blog entry will make obvious the explicit objective and will assist you to write targeted, persuasive copy that WILL win more customers.

Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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