Some believe that business writing and creative writing are similar, but the truth is, they are not. There is an unmistakable contrast between business writing (endeavoring to make a certain set of people mindful of and possibly buying your item), and writing imaginatively (not for selling but feeding somebody’s creativity). 

While creative writing may emulate business writing styles, seldom will you see a case of business writing that copies an imaginative writing style – so it’s imperative to know the distinction.

Show me the money, honey!

 While there are essayists everywhere throughout the world in the two classifications we’ve mentioned above, you’ll be surprised to learn that millions have been made by writers who specialize in both styles of writing – Business and Creative.

  Fulfillment is a product of both, yet most would agree that the two writing styles fill various needs. They both have their very own do’s and don’ts and are guided by their prevailing principles. Business and Creative writing are equally bound within the guidelines of syntax and approach & equally have their takers and place of importance in the world today. 

  Which brings us to the question – Is there a distinction between the two?

The dope on what Creative Writing is all about

Creative writing is contrary to business writing. While writers who specialize in Creative writing regularly put together anecdotes and experiences to form a piece that will arouse anticipation and interest in the reader, their objective isn’t to advertise a product/service. Their purpose is to amuse you, make you laugh, enlighten you on subjects you didn’t know about, or take you on an expedition to faraway lands and experience a life that is different from yours.

This style of writing makes you believe the author is sitting alongside you, knows what you’re feeling and puts words to paper as he/she takes you along during the story. 

This form of writing may or may not compose of actualities and realities.

The dope on what Business Writing is all about

Business Writing is completely composed to illuminate and once in a while to prompt the reader to purchase or subscribe to the service the author is promoting. 

 Direct mail advertisements and promotional material among others are a form of Business Writing.

Now, Business Writing isn’t composed to amuse – It has an intricate arrangement of rules, do’s and don’ts, and CTA norms to follow. There is an entire craftsmanship to acing Business Writing, more so when it comes to writing for Social Media and website copy. 

  To be a champion in this form of writing, writers need to know the art of wrapping attractive business content that attracts the peruser to buy or take action, paying little mind to the content’s entertainment value or creativity.

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Shrikrishna Tangatur

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