Whether your business has a physical or online presence, it needs to be registered on Google My Business for new customers to find you. Learn how to optimise your GMB listing for maximum visibility, in 2021 from the Best SEO company in Chennai

Complete your GMB Profile:

Valid contact and additional information in the Google Knowledge Panel, helps customers, and the search engine recognises you as a legitimate business. Whenever there is a change, update your profile so customers know how, where and when you are operating. Some of the essential information that you need to fill are,

  • Registered business name
  • Complete physical address 
  • Phone numbers 
  • Website
  • Category 
  • Crisp description
  • FAQs
  • Photos 

Consistent and relevant Google Posts:

Google Posts allows you to interact directly with your customers on the search engine listing pages and Google Maps. This works like a Social media account that you can use to announce events, offers and sales. You can also post snippets of blogs and longer articles that may be of value to your customers. The relevancy of the information adds to the credibility of the business. Users develop a sense of trust for businesses with recent posts, as a long period of inactivity looks like you are out of business. 

Category selection:

Selecting the right category, both primary and additional is crucial to the search engine pulling your information to the top. This also helps customers connect with you easily. If you didn’t find your exact category, select a broad category as your primary and then narrow it down with additional categories. The best SEO companies in Chennai insist that sister concerns be listed separately with their own categories to avoid confusion. 

Use High Res Images:

One of the easiest ways to optimise your GMB listing is by using good quality images. High resolution photos of interiors, exteriors, and landmarks, gives customers a sneak peek into your business. In India, multiple businesses have the same or similar name. Including your logo and team photos in your GMB listing can help customers identify you correctly. If you happen to have a studio or store then add a 360 degree video tour of the business that will actually attract people to step into your place. 

Image specifications for GMB are,

  • JPG or PNG format
  • Size: 10 KB to 5 MB
  • Minimum resolution: 720 p x 720 p
  • No filters and graphics that alter perception

Update the Q&A section of GMB:

Customers always come up with new queries. Your business has a better chance with a potential customer if you take time to answer and clarify their queries on Google. Constantly monitor the Q&A section so you answer the questions promptly. Timely response not only boosts your GMB ranking but also solidifies the customers’ trust in you. Update your FAQs with some of their valid queries. 

Highlights / Attributes in GMB:

Including highlights or attributes in GMB listing sets you apart from the competition. It displays unique information about your business that shows why customers ought to choose you. Google gives you a free rein in choosing your attributes, but they are limited to the specific category you have chosen. The attributes section includes, accessibility, amenities, highlights, and planning. 

Product Feature on GMB:

The best SEO companies in Chennai will help you feature your products directly on the Google Knowledge panel. This feature is available for both mobile and computer versions. The business can curate a collection and showcase it on the listing. GMB allows you to create collections with 3 products in each, with information on the products and images. This feature allows customers to preview what kind of products you host and decide if you are the business for them.

Encourage customers to leave reviews:

The best SEO agency in Chennai says, Organic reviews from actual google users are a great way to optimise GMB rankings. You can subtly ask customers to put in a good work for you in the google reviews. Share the link to the review page in your Email or Message campaigns. If you have a loyal customer base, then you can always ask them for help, leaving great reviews about you. Higher the customer rating, better the GMB ranking. 

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How can I increase the traffic on my website?

There are several ways to increase and divert traffic to your website. Listed are a few that you might be interested in.

  • Invest in some paid advertising that will guarantee you results.
  • Open Social Media accounts and post attractive content regularly.
  • Use attractive titles that make browsers want to open the link.
  • Review and up your on page SEO game.
  • Target long tail keywords with colloquialisms for each customer location.
  • Indulge in some guest blogging that will build external links
  • Strengthen internal linking to subtly encourage more customer interaction.
  • Make your site responsive to be accessible on all devices.
  • Improve site loading speed to reduce abandonments.
  • If you are an E-Commerce site, post clear and attractive product images.

What are the new SEO trends of 2021?

SEO is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to boost traffic to your site. It can open the gateway to new customer pools, even on a global scale. The top SEO trends of 2021 are,

  • Core web vitals : Loading, Interactivity and Visual Stability
  • Google’s BERT: Using Machine learning and natural language processing for intent matching.
  • Keyword research: To identify high ranking keywords.
  • Original content: Value adding content that attracts traffic organically.
  • Voice search: Voice activated searches that include colloquialisms in global languages.
  • Artificial intelligence: Using AI to personalise the customer journey.
  • Video marketing: For visitors to better relate to the brand with audio visual stimulation.
  • Featured snippets: Elevate reputation of the business with features snippets on Google.
  • Influencer SEO: Partner with social media influencers to get their following as customers.
  • EAT & Branded SEO: Build expertise, authority and trust by building brand awareness.

Why every business needs SEO?

For anyone who wants to implement digital marketing for their business, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is commonly known should be the first priority. It is more than the misconception of just adding keywords to your content. When done right, SEO can do the following for you.

  • Send quality traffic your way.
  • Boost the business reputation
  • Get results with inexpensive methods
  • Increases customer engagement with the site
  • Help you understand your customers
  • Help you beat the competition
  • Continuously evaluate and boost performance of the site
SEO is important regardless of whether your company is old or new, successful or struggling, or going through a much needed brand makeover. SEO is an organic and agile process and can be implemented at any stage.

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