A brand’s online presence is perhaps the most critical of all aspects of its business. Very few brands can generate revenue and witness growth in sales consistently, without a website that is capable of generating more traffic and converting this traffic into sales. The purpose of a website is to portray a brand’s products and services in the most attractive and captivating manner possible. Elements such as the design of the website, the color tone utilized, the structure and flow of the website, the content within it, and the easy-of-use, all factor into making a website a perfect representation of a brand and its business. A website in which any of these elements is faulty or off-the-mark fails to generate profits and is a complete waste of money and resources. Listed below are several factors that every brand should take as indications that its website needs to be redesigned. 


The Website Hasn’t Been Updated In A Long Time


Every brand needs to ask itself when it last had its website updated. If the website has been updated in a long time, then it is high time that the brand considers doing so. Obsolete features that are archaic and not really useful in the present day must be replaced by new and advanced ones, while the design aesthetic itself will need a do-over. 


No Ease-Of-Use


Upon analyzing the user-friendliness of their websites, brands that feel like their customers might find it hard to operate their websites effectively ought to immediately consider redesigning their websites making them easier and more straight forward to use. The redesigning of the website should be done on the basis of who the brand’s target demographic is and the different features that this target demographic might seek on the website of the brand offering particular products or services. It is important to make sure that the redesigned website does not contain fewer or more features than are absolutely necessary as this will put you back to square one (where the user-friendliness of your website is very poor). 


Slow Loading Speed


Nobody likes a website that takes too long to load. In a time when the attention span of consumers is decreasing more and more, slow loading websites are not tolerated at all. As soon as a consumer feels like a website is taking too long to load, they will immediately shift to a competitor’s website and not think twice about doing so. This is why it is vital that every brand ensures that its website is loading quickly and that the time taken to shift to and from different web pages is also not much. The key is to grab the customer’s attention as quickly as possible and convert them into a sale instantly. Brands whose websites are slow and often lag should seek the redesigning of their websites so that they don’t lose out on any more sales than they already have. 


Not Compatible For Mobile Usage


A website that isn’t mobile-friendly deserves to be redesigned. According to a recent study, it was estimated that over half of all eCommerce sales take place on smartphones. For a brand to overlook the moble compatibility of its website, it would prove to be detrimental to sales and revenue growth in the long-run. Brands that notice that they aren’t generating any sales from mobile users should take this as an indication that their website simply isn’t compatible enough for usage on smartphones. 


Lack Of A Call-To-Action Buttons


No matter how fancy a website’s design may be and how advanced the features offered by a website may be, it is of no consequence if there is no CTA button present on the website. The entire point of a website is to get visitors to make a sale or initiate contact. In the absence of adequate prompts and CTAs, those users who want to make purchases and initiate inquiries will simply move to the website of another brand which makes it much easier for them to do so. 


High Bounce Rates


Do visitors to your website leave as soon as they enter it? Do you find that people who visit the homepage of your website simply log off without clicking on anything or checking out another web page? Then, you might notice that the bounce rate of your website is pretty high. This simply indicates that your website isn’t interesting enough to visitors, for them to want to place orders or make purchases. Redesigning your website such that your homepage as well as all other product and services pages, become extremely attractive is the best way to lower bounce rates.

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Shrikrishna Tangatur

Shrikrishna Tangatur

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