A brand’s online presence is perhaps the most critical of all aspects of its business. Very few brands can generate revenue and witness growth in sales consistently, without a website that is capable of generating more traffic and converting this traffic into sales. The purpose of a website is to portray a brand’s products and services in the most attractive and captivating manner possible. Elements such as the design of the website, the color tone utilized, the structure and flow of the website, the content within it, and the easy-of-use, all factor into making a website a perfect representation of a brand and its business. A website in which any of these elements is faulty or off-the-mark fails to generate profits and is a complete waste of money and resources. Listed below are several factors that every brand should take as indications that its website needs to be redesigned. 

The Website Hasn’t Been Updated In A Long Time

Every brand needs to ask itself when it last had its website updated. If the website has been updated in a long time, then it is high time that the brand considers doing so. Obsolete features that are archaic and not really useful in the present day must be replaced by new and advanced ones, while the design aesthetic itself will need a do-over. 

No Ease-Of-Use

Upon analyzing the user-friendliness of their websites, brands that feel like their customers might find it hard to operate their websites effectively ought to immediately consider redesigning their websites making them easier and more straight forward to use. The redesigning of the website should be done on the basis of who the brand’s target demographic is and the different features that this target demographic might seek on the website of the brand offering particular products or services. It is important to make sure that the redesigned website does not contain fewer or more features than are absolutely necessary as this will put you back to square one (where the user-friendliness of your website is very poor). 

Slow Loading Speed

Nobody likes a website that takes too long to load. In a time when the attention span of consumers is decreasing more and more, slow loading websites are not tolerated at all. As soon as a consumer feels like a website is taking too long to load, they will immediately shift to a competitor’s website and not think twice about doing so. This is why it is vital that every brand ensures that its website is loading quickly and that the time taken to shift to and from different web pages is also not much. The key is to grab the customer’s attention as quickly as possible and convert them into a sale instantly. Brands whose websites are slow and often lag should seek the redesigning of their websites so that they don’t lose out on any more sales than they already have. 

Not Compatible For Mobile Usage

A website that isn’t mobile-friendly deserves to be redesigned. According to a recent study, it was estimated that over half of all eCommerce sales take place on smartphones. For a brand to overlook the moble compatibility of its website, it would prove to be detrimental to sales and revenue growth in the long-run. Brands that notice that they aren’t generating any sales from mobile users should take this as an indication that their website simply isn’t compatible enough for usage on smartphones. 

Lack Of A Call-To-Action Buttons

No matter how fancy a website’s design may be and how advanced the features offered by a website may be, it is of no consequence if there is no CTA button present on the website. The entire point of a website is to get visitors to make a sale or initiate contact. In the absence of adequate prompts and CTAs, those users who want to make purchases and initiate inquiries will simply move to the website of another brand which makes it much easier for them to do so. 

High Bounce Rates

Do visitors to your website leave as soon as they enter it? Do you find that people who visit the homepage of your website simply log off without clicking on anything or checking out another web page? Then, you might notice that the bounce rate of your website is pretty high. This simply indicates that your website isn’t interesting enough to visitors, for them to want to place orders or make purchases. Redesigning your website such that your homepage as well as all other product and services pages, become extremely attractive is the best way to lower bounce rates.

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Is Digital marketing the future?

Digital marketing is one of the ways in which you can boost the business sales like never before. Having said that, considering how reliant everyone has become on digital marketing, it is all set to rule the future. Here is why –

  • The extent to which people these days are using the internet throws light on how increased internet usage would be in the days to come.
  • Digital marketing is an excellent way of building brand awareness among people.
  • All the digital marketing strategies put forth by the companies can be monitored as well. The expectation vs. reality picture becomes way clearer now. This further helps in opening up doors for improvement, if any.

Is digital branding the same as digital marketing?

No. Digital Marketing and Digital Branding are different from each other. Digital Marketing focusses on promoting a particular product or service, highlighting its benefits and how useful it would be to the consumers. Digital branding on the other hand is much more subtle and highlights the personality of the company or brand as a whole. Products and services will come and go. Digital marketing strategies will change to suit the seasonal needs or are tailor made for the product in question. However Digital branding is like a long tern digital marketing strategy to bolster the reputation of the company. It communicates what are the core values of the company and what they do to upkeep those values to give the best customer experience.

What are the most important principles of web design?

By now a lot of businesses have realised the importance of good web design. However there are some important principles that need to be followed to ensure that your website turns out perfect.

  • Ensure the website loads fast, as this reduces website abandonment.
  • Show your intent on every page so customers landing on any page are aware of what your business does.
  • Keep it simple so you don’t distract visitors from their purpose, with too many elements.
  • Make the navigation as easy as possible, with any part of the website accessible in 3 clicks.
  • Maintain the hierarchy in the layout. You don’t want your customers to keep scrolling back up each time they want to refer something.
  • Use simple, attractive and value adding content that can convince visitors into becoming customers.
  • The site must be mobile friendly for customers to access it on the go.

What is the purpose of website design?

Your website is the first impression that an online customer gets of your business. It is important to make a positive impact on your clients. The website design has the potential to convert a random visitor to a customer and boost organic sales. A great web design will keep customers loyal to your brand as they find the platform comfortable and convenient to use. It provides a good UI/UX to your clients and nurtures your leads. Better the website design, more the engagement with it, bringing in more traffic. It improves the accessibility of your website to a wider audience. It has a significant influence on the brand image and it is important that you get professionals to design your website.

What are the benefits of having a website to your business?

It has come to a point that a business is only considered successful if they have a strong online presence. This is evidently done by creating a dedicated website to the brand. The benefits of owning a website for your business are,

  • A credible repository of information on your business
  • 24 x 7 customer access to your business
  • Boosts interaction with the brand
  • It helps expand your market reach
  • It improve brand awareness to a global scale
  • Provides you with valuable consumer insights
  • Helps you beat other competitors with online presence
  • Access to all digital modes of advertising
  • Makes information exchange easier

What are the new SEO trends of 2021?

SEO is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to boost traffic to your site. It can open the gateway to new customer pools, even on a global scale. The top SEO trends of 2021 are,

  • Core web vitals : Loading, Interactivity and Visual Stability
  • Google’s BERT: Using Machine learning and natural language processing for intent matching.
  • Keyword research: To identify high ranking keywords.
  • Original content: Value adding content that attracts traffic organically.
  • Voice search: Voice activated searches that include colloquialisms in global languages.
  • Artificial intelligence: Using AI to personalise the customer journey.
  • Video marketing: For visitors to better relate to the brand with audio visual stimulation.
  • Featured snippets: Elevate reputation of the business with features snippets on Google.
  • Influencer SEO: Partner with social media influencers to get their following as customers.
  • EAT & Branded SEO: Build expertise, authority and trust by building brand awareness.

What is the difference between website design and website development?

When searching for a web developer, it is important for you as a client to know the difference between website design and website development. The difference is quite distinct but a web developer is capable of doing both if they are skilled enough. Web design is the initial ideation and planning of a website’s layout, appearance and content. Web development is the actual process of developing code for creating the site and its subsequent maintenance. Web design is about creativity, while web development is completely technical. You need to engage the services of web developers who can help you with both, as they know how to recreate your brand personality on the website.

Why every business needs SEO?

For anyone who wants to implement digital marketing for their business, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is commonly known should be the first priority. It is more than the misconception of just adding keywords to your content. When done right, SEO can do the following for you.

  • Send quality traffic your way.
  • Boost the business reputation
  • Get results with inexpensive methods
  • Increases customer engagement with the site
  • Help you understand your customers
  • Help you beat the competition
  • Continuously evaluate and boost performance of the site
SEO is important regardless of whether your company is old or new, successful or struggling, or going through a much needed brand makeover. SEO is an organic and agile process and can be implemented at any stage.

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