As people are spending a significant amount of their time on social media platforms, it is one of the most crucial channels for businesses to get quality user traffic and engagement. A study has concluded that more than half of the world’s population is using social media and there cannot be any other better opportunity for businesses. 

Can anyone get traffic for businesses on social media? NO! There is a catch. As social media networks have grown over the years, almost every business around the world has started to capitalize on them. One needs to develop an effective social media marketing strategy in order to sustain itself in the market for a long time. 

Here are some expert-curated tips that you will find useful for your business:

Define your goals:

Without a proper target, it’s just walking in the dark. You must have a goal for your business and it should be a feasible one. Since it will be the driving force of your strategy, you should get started immediately. Here are three main things that you must keep in mind while setting up your business goals:

  • Be specific
  • Set attainable goals
  • Ensure that your goals are measurable 

You must learn more about your target audience:

After setting up your business goals, you must focus on your target audience. Devising your strategies around your target audience is important as every ounce of your efforts will be fruitful in the long term. Consult a professional social media marketing agency to get an idea on analyzing the target audience and learning more about them.

By connecting with the right audience, you can make sure that your efforts are meaningful and it will resonate better with your strategies. There are several online tools that can help you learn more about your target demographic. 

Choose your social media platforms wisely:

Every social media platform has its own purpose and audience. You cannot expect to get the same result from every social media platform as you cannot create the same impact on different types of audiences with your marketing strategy. Quality matters here, more than quantity. Ensure that you research properly about the types of audiences that you will come across on a social media platform before getting started. 

Devise an innovative and reliable social media marketing strategy:

Only if you have a clearly documented social media marketing strategy, will you achieve the expected results. It is the key to turn your vision into reality and so you must ensure that they seamlessly align with your business goals. Here are some of the basic things that you shouldn’t ignore.

  • Make a list of upcoming festivals and special days on your calendar. 
  • Create a content theme based on your business.
  • Prepare a list of hashtags 
  • Ensure that your marketing strategy covers the primary business events.

Prepare a social media calendar:

A well-devised plan always has a lesser chance of failure. No matter how much effort you put in, you will not be able to succeed in social media unless you have a proper plan. Prepare a proper social media calendar and plan everything ahead of time. Publish your content on time efficiently and consistently for a long time to get the traction you expect. Preparing a social media calendar helps with improving team collaboration and producing effective results. Get in touch with an agency that provides professional social media marketing services to get a better understanding of how things work.  

Empower your strategy with useful tools:

Social media tools will be your saviour in the market and they can effectively help with tackling your nightmare. Imagine posting on 8 different platforms and responding to users’ reactions. Instead, you can let the social media tools take care of it and focus on other important things. These tools can help you stay focused and be more productive. You can easily evaluate your performance on all social media channels and reduce the operational costs significantly. Use competitor research tools to analyze the tactics and to learn more about their strategies. 

Focus on humanizing your brand:

With all the digital innovations in the market, you can easily communicate with your customers. Build an efficient marketing strategy to tell stories to your audience and display your culture to establish an emotional connection with them. Research the market and see how other brands are adopting these strategies. 

Optimize your post frequency:

Every social media platform has its optimal posting frequency to get more engagement. But there is no ideal answer, the results will depend on your analysis and experiments of work. Although you have prepared a high-quality, you must post it at the right time. As people get engaged with tons of brands and profiles, chances are high that your posts may get lost in them. 

Use the optimal number of hashtags:

Hashtags can be a great option to organize your posts and increase the overall reach. If you are creating a hashtag for a particular event, you will be able to organize all the content easily. They can also be identifiers of a brand and can help initiate conversations. However, you shouldn’t stuff a post with tons of hashtags as it will lead to lesser engagement. People will get annoyed if you use too many hashtags in a single post and can have a significant hit on your engagement rate. 

Focus on creating quality visual content:

People spend time on social media platforms for their visual content. Incorporating images and videos into your social media strategy will add more value to your brand. If users find visual content to be attractive, chances are high that they will share it with others. By creating quality visual content, you can seamlessly generate more traffic and increase overall sales. Create target-specific content to grab the attention of your target audience. 

Provide a seamless and cohesive visual experience:

No one can deny the fact that social media has changed the way people shop and their interaction with the internet. As a business owner, you must focus on creating a good aesthetic as people shouldn’t be disappointed with your page. Ensure that images and videos are properly placed on your website as a google looking page will increase the chances of making a sale. Improper visual continuity in your page can also be a major turn-off for the visitors. 

Keep an eye on the trends:

Keep an eye on the popular trends emerging on social media platforms as it can be a great idea to capitalize on. If the trends align with your brand message, you can use them to drive user engagement. You can also experiment with unique designs as they will have a unique twist and can give unexpected results. 


An effective strategy should be a part of your social media marketing as it can help improve your outreach. One of the greatest advantages of social media is that businesses of any scale can create awareness and reach their target customers with a proper strategy. Your consistent efforts can put your brand ahead of the competition and add value to your business. 


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