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By 2020, Consumers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human! Consumers are more likely to do their own research about your company before your first point of contact with them and that is through the blogs. A blog with high-quality content also helps build brand loyalty, increase inbound links, further increasing conversion rates.
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Must-Read Digital Marketing Strategies for IT Companies

digital marketing strategy for software companies

Despite all the incredible innovations that the tech industry brings to the table, spotting the right digital marketing tactics , remains a challenge. B2C colleagues on the other hand have fared far better in this sphere.

Content as a problem-solver:

You do know that having relevant content is very important. But creating focused content is more important! And in order to do so, you first need to determine what your clients’ problems are. Instead of the usual “Buy now” and “Click here to purchase” in every post, offer some well-researched content that sheds light on proposed business solutions.

digital marketing for tech companies

Content Strategy


Let’s say you’re a company offering fraud guard software for e-commerce businesses. Offer an insight on how fraudulent activity on e-commerce platforms takes place and propose a solution.

Take it through your Employees:

Your employees are your main asset, because they are the ones building your product. Do they truly believe the product they are working at is really amazing? If so, make them your brand ambassadors. Encourage them to share their experiences and your posts to reach a new audience. If there’s also an influencer within the IT industry among your employees, you’re one lucky company! Encourage your team to:

  • Share company updates on LinkedIn.
  • Like, share, retweet, or comment on your company’s social media posts.
  • Contribute to your blog with expert articles
  • Use the content developed by your company in their discussions, events they take part in, etc.

Evaluate and Simplify:

IT companies sometimes forget that businesses they want to reach may not be in sync with the technology they offer. They know they need a tool that will help them manage data flow better, but it may be hard for them to understand what the specific tool is all about. As an IT company, you don’t want to complicate your content to the extent that prospective clients have a hard time figuring out what you’re talking about. So, do your business a favor: hire a digital marketing agency who will phrase your content in a way that’s easy to understand and engaging!

Go Social the Right Way:

Many businesses are plagued with the idea of omnipresence: they want to be everywhere from common sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google+, Instagram etc and to dozens of less popular social outlets. But before you decide to take on all these platforms, you need to assess if they are the right fit for you. Are your buyer personas getting their information there? Odds are, the decision maker at your target company isn’t researching IT vendors on Pinterest.

In order to be relevant,you need to use Social Media Channels where users are actually seeking business solutions. LinkedIn is almost universally a good spot to spend your resources, given that 63% of companies believe it to be the most effective social media channel for B2B companies. It has groups, and allows publishing and promoting updates, something you may want to give a try because your targeted audience is out there looking for business solutions!

Why going digital is the best choice for B2B Technology Companies?

  • Your buyers are tech savvy & heavy users of digital media
  • Your buyers are global
  • Social relationships like Affiliates / Partners/ Industry experts & consultants are important for your business development
  • Hard pitching does not work; thought leadership is a must

Here is the IT Marketing Checklist:

  • Target the right people
  • Master the messaging
  • Network like a professional
  • Empower your tech team to sell
  • Leverage your communication channels

Just remember to view your services from your potential client’s perspectives and to repurpose all of the valuable content you will create.

Now, it’s time to take your next step. Go for it ! Choosing the right combination for your business is the key and we are experts in the field of digital marketing. Talk to us to find out the option that best suits your Business!


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