As far as digital marketing tactics are concerned, one is likely to encounter heaps of strategies and routines on driving productive marketing crusades and accelerating conversions. While being aware of and putting into such strategies is important, doing so alone is not enough. By establishing appropriate expectations with regards to both volumes and lead generation, as well as by putting an emphasis on the proper metrics, one can expect to achieve greater sales. The trick lies in the strategic enhancing of volumes, so as to make it possible for the sales team to draw in a larger number of leads. This will help in utilizing the marketing and sales teams’ time as efficiently as possible. In turn, this results in higher profits while retaining the same budget. Listed below are some of the ways in which brands and marketers can boost their digital marketing strategy. 

  • Gauge Your Exact Obligations

Every effective digital marketing strategy begins at this step. It is highly unlikely for brands to embark on a strategy without first spending the time to prioritize their targets. However, it is important to do so in a comprehensive manner. From gauging market segments, and consumer demographics, to estimating business targets, everything has to be done to a tee. Gauging customer personas are also a crucial element. Marketers must realize their personas from genuine fundamental investigation, including tailored questionnaires. This can be carried out either online, via telecommunication or through face-to-face discussions, with the targeted enterprises and consumers. These buyer personas will develop along with the adoption of diverse strategies and marketing programs. Additionally, marketers will have to outline the typical buying journey for their commodities and services in detail. This is where most marketing teams go wrong. They either try to recreate the purchasing cycle (campaign wise), or they consider things in terms of sales. Instead, they should focus on identifying their consumers’ habits and thinking during this buying cycle. By doing this ahead, marketers can take complete advantage of the insights they have weaned and create campaigns accordingly. These campaigns can be tailored to the exact requirements of their consumers, at different times during their purchase resolution process.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Marketers are often under the impression that scheduling a meeting will help them gain further clarity on their agenda. This is however far from the truth. While the average worker is said to spend close to four and a half hours a week in meetings every week, it is not difficult to see how they are nothing but a waste of time. Very little is resolved during meetings. While meetings do help in certain circumstances they are not at all helpful when solving an issue or finding a way out of a problem. In fact, they often result in further confusion owing to the diverse viewpoints that are presented.

  • Take Complete Control Of Your Data

The effectiveness and potency of a digital marketing campaign is entirely dependant on the precise and specific data that supports them. However, marketers often find that the data they utilized was completely out of tune and incorrect. Unfortunately, most marketers realize this only after their campaigns and strategies have failed miserably. However, this is not alarming, considering that such data is often compiled in a hurry and adopted without any careful verification or forethought. The consequence of this is a complete wastage of precious time and resources due to the adherence to false objectives. Making sure the data that is authentic and up-to-date has the converse effect. It empowers marketers to customize their campaigns efficiently and offer personalized purchasing experiences. This not only helps in the better utilization of the budget but also makes room for additional strategies to be adopted.

  • Adopt Marketing Automation

In order to avoid wasting time undertaking tasks that are repetitive but also vital, a marketing automation tool can be utilized. If not a tool, then proactive digital marketing services from a reputable agency can be made use of. Open Designs India has a range of digital marketing services on offer that can help your business boost productivity levels in no time. It is important to keep in mind that marketing automation is not just something that can be plugged and played. Effective marketing automation involves growth, evolution and the right expertise. The benefit of choosing an agency is that marketers can benefit from additional expertise and personnel. They can leave the burden of deploying, managing and tracking performances to the agency. Marketers who opt for a more internal facility must be careful to plan effectively and train their personnel appropriately. Doing so is however quite tricky. Whether you opt for a top-of-the-shelf tool or an elementary one, linking it to your CRM is crucial. Not only does this help in avoiding the misalignment of organizational goals/objectives, but it also helps in elevating productivity and lead generation. Challenges that can occur as a result include, the generation of outdated statistics and the corruption of sales data. This eventually leads to frustration within teams, which causes a host of other unnecessary problems.

  • Zero In On Where Conversions Are Taking Place

One of the best ways to boost the productivity of your digital marketing strategy is to make informed decisions. Making informed decisions involves finding out exactly where conversions are taking place in the buying journeys of your consumer base. Pinpointing exactly where such conversions are taking place and focussing all resources at these places will help boost productivity drastically. This not only helps marketers in making efficient use of their time and resources but also hones in on the conversion time. Even the most popular brands miss out on millions of customers every day in just a matter of a few minutes. Data on your consumer-base such as their purchasing history, buying habits, preferences, and inclinations should all come in handy. Engagement statistics should help marketers hone in on their ROI.

  • Co Align Your Digital Marketing Campaigns With Sales Objectives

What marketers behind failed digital marketing campaigns discover much after is that their campaigns failed, owing to a gap between their campaign goals and the objectives of the sales team. Interdepartmental trust is the key to making a digital marketing campaign work and increasing productivity. Gaining a common understanding of how a lead is defined, and deciding upon exactly when a lead can be termed as a sale, helps tremendously. Standardizing such terms, processes, and procedures for following up on leads will cause productivity levels to skyrocket. Failing to do so will result in irritable sales reps who are not sure of what to do with the leads that they have. While all best leads are leaving in short spans of time, sales reps are left with the task of coaxing leads that are not worth pursuing at all. With mutual cooperation, and an incessant flow of feedback back and forth between teams, marketers can refine their digital marketing strategies to yield better quality leads and results. Such refined digital marketing strategies will also boost the productivity of sales reps. This is owing to the fact that they will have easier leads to pursue, in turn, closing deals much quicker.

For digital marketers who are keen on adopting these recommendations, is vital to remember to do so bit by bit. Rushing into a campaign utilizing every one of the hacks mentioned above, without any careful forethought and analysis can prove to be disastrous. Begin by adopting one hack at a time, gauging the response, making adjustments, and then proceed into full-scale adoption. The best way to boost the productivity of your digital marketing campaign, however, is to employ the services of a digital marketing company such as Open Designs India. Having offered phenomenal digital marketing services for quite some time now, Open Designs India knows a thing or two about boosting ROI and productivity. To know more about the diverse digital marketing services on offer, feel free to get in touch with us, right away!


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