There is almost nothing more satisfying for digital marketing services providers in Chennai when it is about website optimization and marketing than making simple tweaks to the landing pages that directly impact conversions. 

Although no one formula can be standardized for good conversion rates, the fundamental to your website’s success is still dependent on how digital marketing services refine, experiment, and strive for improvements. 

Any good digital marketing agency in Chennai will factor in the conversion rate optimization (CRO) in the monthly recurring marketing activities.  

Here are some of our favorite landing page tips and tricks that will deliver increased conversions every time.

Every page should feel personalized and relevant

While this might seem more than a page tweak, this is an imperative stage for any hopes of converting a good volume of landing page visitors. 

You can take help from a digital marketing agency in Chennai to ideate the content and it should be created by keeping the user in mind and reflecting a clear purpose.

This will lead to direct improvement of the performance of the page which covers the initial content discovery and understanding as well as the usability and conversation rate optimization.

It might be easier to break down the website into main content types and then set different frameworks and approaches for each of them. 

Here are some examples of page types that are likely to be included:

  • Company and its brand pages
  • Service pages
  • Category pages
  • Product level pages
  • Contact
  • News or blogs or articles.
  • Cornerstone or evergreen or hero content. 

Provide people with more information to take action sooner

Adding extra information within the view of the “add to basket” option is defined as a call to action or (CTA). 

This trick increases the product level landing page traffic which will ultimately increase conversions solely based on more people landing on the product pages and fuel up the e-commerce websites. 

It is however important to note that the content that is being added does not distract the user from buying. It should also be close enough in view for people to skim through and you also need to remove any barriers to conversions.

Decrease the level of emotive commitment

It is also fun to experiment with things like button text changes and then include them in lesser-known CRO approaches. 

But we need to keep in mind that when a user is committed to pressing a button, they are effectively doing so because they have no emotional barriers that prevent them from proceeding further in the buying cycle and putting them closer to a purchase (things such as completing a contact form or filling out an application). 

Pressing a button comes with a certain level of emotional commitment because the user is aware of what they are committing to and then down further down the route for purchasing. 

Pressing a button should be considered to be the same as a person picking a product from the shelf and then walking closer to the checkout. This is where the emotive level required for the user needs to be minimum to increase button clicks. 

Simple changes in the text from “Buy” to “Buy now” comes off as more gentle like continue. This can help to spike up micro conversions and in the end support results. 

Test everything out 

Every digital marketing agency in Chennai should be experimenting daily. 

Multivariate testing will be answering all the questions you have about your website and its visitors. So if you want a deeper understanding of leads to other people’s page conversions to be more frequently and faster. 

Testing should be done off-page for example:

What kind of combination of adverting text and landing page’s heading or supporting statement work the best?

How many CTAs should be there for a page?

Which is the best position for the main CTA button?

What is the size, color, and text that works best at the product and category level?

Live chat is something that works and it is worth investing in

Ineffective live chat where it is clear that one is communicating with a robot that hardly speaks the same language cannot increase your sale, or help buyers make the right choice. However, chatbots at present that are available 24/7 live chat apps are a fantastic business tool. 

Chatbots have surpassed the simple process of having access to information and act as a more engaging tool by linking to content and bringing in various layers of 24/7 access for the expertise to drive users and make them buy the best choices.

Take your time to nurture your leads

Remember that not everyone who gets in touch with your business will be ready to buy things right now. 

Hence by focusing on the contacts that are ready to buy only, you are potentially missing out on half of the opportunity which is waiting for more information, education, and guidance and then getting to the stage where they are happy with the product and buying it from you.

According to research, organizations which nurture the leads experience a 45% lift in the related ROI. 

Step up the Email Workflows

When you set up the email workflow, you will be making sure that your emails do not get clogged up in the marketing funnel. They also help provide more tailored messages and user experience based on different details that we know about the person. 

Most CRM systems have an extremely easy setup and the management is automatic which triggers the email workflow hence it is important to give it a go. 

Keep a track of micro-goals

Many micro-goals need to be completed apart from how many products need to sell. And to keep a track of events and goals which can be optimized.

Things such as brochure downloads, watching a key video, keeping a view of the terms and conditions, etc. all can be optimized so that more people come towards the end game. Every company needs to understand and make sure to gauge its impact on every user interaction that will ultimately have results. 

Final word

The key takeaways on how much you can tweak around depend on your knowledge but there are many ways to increase simple landing page traffic. We hope this blog helped provide clearer insights for your website to perform better. 


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