Glean real time insights about your digital marketing campaign using Google Analytics!

Imagine an encyclopaedia armed with complete and precise demographic and psychographic details for say, an entire country. Now picture this in the digital world, the World Wide Web. In it you will find specific information about what user’s browse, how much they browse and for how long they do so. Now picture this scenario for say, the entire world. Yes, it does seem staggering and stupefying, isn’t it? That’s the miracle worker called Google Analytics.

A digital marketer’s magic tool, Google Analytics turns data insights into action. Hailed as one of the most popular and widely used platforms for monitoring online traffic, Google Analytics is immensely popular because of its wide-ranging metrics and in-depth data.

How Google Analytics effectively tracks marketing strategies

Gone are the days when advertising campaigns were akin to shots fired in the dark, some times a bull’s eye, most other times not so. Today, the digital marketer will go about launching an online campaign pre-armed with data and insights and a real time tracking tool that indicates if the goal is being achieved. For the business it means that there is a targeted approach towards reaching out to customers. As we all know, the trick to increasing market share and getting more customers to buy your product is to be seen at the right place at the right time.

The interface is easy-to-use and the digital marketer has uncomplicated access to see which marketing platforms/ techniques are bringing in the most amounts of hits or bulk of traffic towards the site. It will also indicate which platforms/ techniques aren’t performing as well, so the campaign can be recalibrated and controlled as required. Say, there’s an ongoing SEO campaign, Google Analytics will indicate which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site and which are not.

Successfully marketing the brand through data

The key to the success of any website/ blog/ digital marketing campaign is in knowing the audience and understanding what they want. Google Analytics gives the best data and stats that take you closer to your audience. Once you know who visits your website, from which geographical location and on which browser, you are in a better position to send out targeted communication that appeals to that user.

Google Analytics can even give you in-depth insight into things that may seem mundane to some, but are perhaps be the source of another’s business such as screen resolutions or your mother tongue. Dig in just a little deeper and you’ll understand what they do when they are on your website, what they saw and for how long they stayed on the site.

Google Analytics gives you data that you can effectively use to fine-tune your digital campaign as you go along with valuable inputs such as the site users came from, was it is search engine, a link from a different website or was it through a keyword on a social media platform. You know your digital campaign is making the right noises online if there has been a direct type-in for your site.

What’s more, you will precisely be able to pinpoint the most popular pages and the most disliked one (also called as bounce rate) besides understanding comprehensively how many pages have been viewed on an average.

Time—This is another crucial factor that you can establish easily with details such as the average time of the day when your site/ blog gets the most number of hits. The slick digital marketer will publish/ schedule posts according to the ‘hottest’ time frames.

Traffic This way please

Web traffic is deciphered through Google Analytics, so you can easily analyse traffic sources. Additionally, you can determine which associations your audience is utilising to connect with the site. Again, a smart marketer will focus on the networks that create the most amounts of hits.

Agile and In tune with today

Google Analytics displays tangible results for conversions made through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Data will accurately indicate how much traffic has been routed through mobile devices and whether the campaign is just as effective on devices. Product/ sales performance, transactions and other details are conveniently determined through the various features available on Google Analytics.


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