Companies frequently feel the need to carry out and halt their SEO strategies as they wish. Most of these businesses are under the impression that doing so will not result in any problems whatsoever. This is however far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that this results in a number of issues across the board. Detailed below are all the diverse challenges that can arise when a business pauses or halts its SEO activities inadvertently. 

Issues That Arise As A Result Of Irregular Content Publishing

When a business stops focussing publishing brand-new content periodically and regularly, the following occurs –

  • They begin focusing less on new search terms and start to rank lower and generate less traffic.
  • They quit building brand-new pages that they can link to, and start obtaining fewer links.
  • They quit achieving fresh traffic to increase their audience for – remarketing purposes, 
    • marketing emailer programs and 
    • push notification patrons.
  • They quit creating brand-new content that can be utilized to build hub webpages (otherwise referred to as master webpages) used for linking to every other webpage that is pertinent to the topic (such pages oftentimes rank higher)
  • They quit creating content that can be shared on all social media platforms, as a result of which, lesser traffic and fewer people sharing the content is gained from these platforms.
  • They quit stimulating return-users to their website who are earning for fresh content. This, in turn, diminishes the number of people searching for their branded, which Google uses as a gauge to asses the quality of the brand.

In general, when a brand quits producing fresh content, Google takes it as an indication that their website isn’t functioning anymore, and that the company is in the process of seizing its operations entirely. If refreshing content periodically seems like a burden that you are not willing to take on, then perhaps hiring an agency that offers SEO services should do the trick. 

Issues That Arise As A Result Of Not Rectifying Technical Problems 

Very often, business heads and marketing professionals who do not have any exposure to the ins and outs of the internet overlook and are not able to grasp the importance of things from a technical viewpoint. They don’t realize that functionalities of a website or certain webpages can and do stop functioning without any apparent reason. It is very rare for a website to not experience any technical SEO challenges whatsoever cropping up at some point or another during its existence. When a business fails to address such problems a number of things can happen, including, 

  • Their website gets blocked by the ‘Robots.txt’
  • They begin producing repetitive content
  • They unintentionally drive their development website inside the index

When a business fails to observe such issues and rectify them instantly, these issues begin mounting. Maintaining a website is akin to taking care of a splendid garden. Periodic pruning and cropping are paramount to sustain standards. 

It is especially critical to remain accurate in all technical terms, particularly with modish advancements like smartphone compatibility, AMP, website speed, etc.

Failing to do so, will eventually result in a detrimental failure that could prove to be quite costly for a business and its growth. Likewise, their tech stack is also likely to become increasingly obsolete such that the business will not be able to compete in the market. 

Issues That Arise As A Result Of Not Periodically Reviving Webpages

When businesses restore their webpages accurately, they witness a ten to fifteen percent boost in traffic. This is owing to the fact that Google observes fresh content and perceives it as more valuable. As a result, it tends to rank such webpages higher than those with outdated content. 

There are numerous ways for businesses to revive their webpages, including – 

  • Incorporating an FAQ section to a webpage
  • Attaching links to the existing content that point to relevant articles/content
  • Refreshing information
  • Refreshing any dates mentioned within the content  
  • Adding more content to the existing text  
  • Attaching a schema to the webpage
  • Editing the entire template of a webpage, etc.

One modern development in what businesses that are intent on refreshing their webpages are doing is that they determine if –

  • The content on their page harmonizes perfectly with the search intentions of users, and 
  • Their page offers more value than the page that is currently ranked the first in the SERPs.

A good way for businesses looking to refresh their webpages, to go about doing so is by –

  • Performing a search, 
  • Classifying the inquiry on the basis of their intention, 
  • Taking cognizance of all the pages that are currently at the top of the rankings, and
  • Accordingly devising a unique plan for the webpage that they are working on, to rank higher (seeking the assistance of a firm that offers specialized SEO Services can help in this regard).

Issues That Arise As A Result Of Not Deploying New Webpages

Designing and deploying brand-new webpages can prove to be quite difficult for a lot of industries owing to the nature of their products and services. Irrespective of the nature of the services and products that a business deals with, focussing on new search terms and ordering them segment-wise is a must. These sections must be given due importance on the basis of company objectives. They must also be kept track of.  When businesses quit creating brand-new webpages, they lose out on the chance to generate an increase in traffic. Although the primary intention for creating new pages is for SEO purposes, they also serve as great landing webpages for paid search campaigns and ads. 

As a website keeps growing, it is good to keep deploying additional landing pages. The intention being to focus on unique keywords and particular audience-segments. This will result in the enhancing of the webpage’s quality evaluation as well as improve the rate of conversions. Halting the deployment of new webpages can cause a business to fail to capitalize on its competitive edge. The future of the internet lies in the hands of businesses that are able to capitalize on their edge and existing momentum to turn traffic into sales.  

Issues That Arise As A Result Of Not Keeping An Eye Out For Spam

When a business halts its SEO activities, their backlinks can get out of hand. Spam links are becoming more harmful as the days go by. When businesses keep track of their backlinks, they ensure the following by doing so –

  • Receiving Google notifications from websites that underwent malware attacks,
  • Prevent their competition from carrying out negative SEO activities on their website, 
  • Gain awareness of when their content is copied and their links are used inadvertently.

Businesses that don’t refresh their disavow files at least once every month are jeopardizing their search rankings. Most businesses with high-ranking websites do this at least once every week. 

Issues That Arise As A Result Of Not Keeping Track Of Content Being Stolen From Your Website

The best way for a business to find out if their website content is being stolen is to copy and paste the first few sentences from the top of the landing page of their websites and then perform a Google search for this content, within quotes. If more than just their own website crops up in the results, then this is an indication that their content is being copied by other businesses. 

The influence that this can have on a business’ website and their brand if the content from all their webpages is being copied, can be drastic. Businesses that discover their content being stolen need to – 

  • Refresh their content entirely, 
  • Petition the website that is plagiarising to remove their content, 
  • Send them a DMCA if required, or
  • Think about sending these plagiarizers a cease and desist order.

Another option is for the business to get in touch with the company hosting this plagiarizer’s website and request them to take it down. Whatever, their preferred course of action may be, it is important to do so. Failing to take any measures can have a drastic impact on lead generation and SERP rankings. This is an issue that has to be addressed on the spot and instantly. 

As a business, it can be quite hard acquiring the right SEO talent who possess comprehensive awareness of modern SEO trends and keep track of their incessant evolution. Making use of the SEO services of the best SEO company can help tremendously in shouldering this burden for you. If you are intent on hiring a Chennai SEO company that is well-known and recognized throughout the region for offering SEO services of extraordinary quality, then you might want to get in touch with us at Open Designs India, today!

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