An age old practice of transferring knowledge and experience in any field is called Story Telling. We ourselves have heard quite a lot of stories and have passed them on to our younger generations with or without add-ons. It is a very important and integral part of a communication process in marketing. With digital marketing in its peak, storytelling as a marketing tool is very handy to make a good impact in the customers at large. There are some secretive ingredients that are being used by marketers for their brand through story telling. The secret ingredients are discussed in detail below:

1. Truth Prevails: Story telling is all about adding value to the product or service that is being marketed by crafting a story. But the story needs to be rooted to the reality of the product or service that is being marketed. Story telling marketing strategy needs to follow persistence, consistency and restraint to build a strong brand presence for a product or service. If the customers find the story of your brand to be inconsistent with what was projected then they will pull away to other brands from you. Creativity is essential to keep the customer interested in the brand but sticking on to truth is also very important.

2. Personalities in the center of the story: Any brand story should not look like an advertisement but needs to be infused with life. This can be done by introducing interesting personalities to enhance the brand persona. Anything which is monotonous and boring cannot uphold the interest of the customer, so a story needs to be interesting and engaging.

3. Characters creation for better engagement: The brand building is effective with strong characters in a story telling marketing strategy. The characters need not be new characters but can be an existing cartoon character or the existing employee or customer. The main thing is to use characters to keep the customers emotionally engaged with the characters in order to make them follow the story throughout.

4. An interesting introduction, mid story and an end: The story needs to be on a format of interesting and intriguing beginning to keep the attention of the customers. The establishment of the character in the story needs to be strong so that engagement till the end can be continued without any hassle. The middle of the story will discuss the issues faced by the brand character and the end will talk about the resolution of the problem faced. If the story is interesting and keeps the audience intrigued, then there is no doubt that it will be a grand success.

5. Let the audience keep guessing: The brand stories need to be full of suspense and thrill that audience are required to have a nail biting experience all through. The brand story can be marketed on social media through teasers on Twitter, Facebook etc to generate interest amongst the audience for the brand story. This will provide the brand its up scaling in the market along with loyal customer base.


Story telling is a beautiful tool used by different organizations in different ways..With Digital media in working story telling through content and animation has become the need of the hour. It aids all kinds of businesses to learn from and impart information too. If handled in a good way, it’s an awesome tool to build brand story in an interesting way for a long run.


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